A perch to pitch from.

Whatever the medium, word count or tone of voice – I am driven to tell a compelling story. To captivate an audience and provoke a reaction. My ambition to make a difference with words, and hope that they can stand up next to great design – is really what drives all of this. I love putting in the mind-graft required to really connect with an audience. I love to help a team produce something that an audience feel changed by. It really is a privilege to make things happen through collective creativity.

What’s got me so Whitespaced?

Working freelance, remotely and from home – I have spent the last eight months or so welded to STANLEY Black + Decker briefs, and have decided it is high time I got out of the flat. Aside from remembering how to interract with others and dress for the outside world, I hope to collaborate with great people on great work.

As part of these efforts, I’ve attended a few Creative Edinburgh networking events. It has been a great space to meet diverse people in my new city, who are up to all sorts of interesting things. It is also where I’ve heard Whitespace mentioned three times unprompted, when I’ve chatted about what I do.

And each time – ‘Whitespace’

then ‘agency’

then ‘do great work’.

Having done a solid amount of online stalking on these recommendations – I can see what they mean. Whatespace strikes me as a place I could learn a lot from, and hopefully contribute a something to.

So here I am. Cold-pitching my little heart out.

Let’s trade Owl stories.

I don’t know if you guys do collaborate with freelance writers often, but I’d really appreciate consideration for projects that require a creative writer. If we could meet up for a chat, that would be ace.

If not, and you don’t see where I’d be a good fit – then can you at least tell me what that bondage Owl is all about?

I’d love it if you took a deeper look at me.

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