Let me raise a Toast

First, a confession. ‘Our’ is a bit misleading. The Word Garden is a collective of one.

It’s just me. Word Gardener Dan.

On the plus side, this means that my overheads are simple and my rate is reasonable. Even more so if you’re a B Corp in 2019. That happens to be one of my favourites.

Yes, you absolutely are.

It also means those Bread Winners of yours will always deal directly with me. And you can rest assured, that I will bust a gut to make sure that any work I do for Toast Ale is to your complete satisfaction.

I’m reaching out because I love Toast (all forms). I love the purpose behind the brand, and enjoy the bread-related puns that regularly pop out of the Toaster in your copy.

When it comes to my own company and purpose, I really don’t want to be half-baked.

It would mean a great deal if I were able to secure ad-hoc work from great brands like Toast. Whether that be through captivating blog content linked to sustainability (ask me about blog bundles) or getting involved in messaging, ad branding work or marketing collateral for whatever is fresh from the oven.

2019-01-17 (17)