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An updated prospectus offering new and innovative Masters Programmes, a climb in the world rankings and a fresh emphasis on professional industry qualifications.

Brief 1:

I was asked to produce messaging for digital ads. Working within the confides of a 6cm Skyscraper, the aim was to catch the eye of prospective students from all over the planet. These were ads that had to tap into ambition, and provoke calls to action – with the end result of enrolment conversions on the MBA in Business.

Brief 2:

I produced copy to support the launch of a number of new masters programmes in specialist areas, and appealing to various audiences including:

– Part-time business professionals.

– Potential Data/Business Analytics undergraduates.

– Accountants seeking to specialise through further qualifications, and accelarate career progression.

Brief 3:

I was subsequently called upon to write copy for direct mail to advertise a suite of scholarships and bursaries linked to the school, as well embed a call to action to sign up prospective students to an up and coming Webinar Series.

The University of Edinburgh Business School


Sample/ Digital Ads:


Online learning with a university ranked 21st in the world.
A qualification for ambitious accountants.
Utilising the latest digital learning technologies.
Flexible professional development anywhere on the globe.

MSC Accountancy & Society.


Develop the skills to match your global aspirations.
Purpose-build your own specialization as you study.
Gain world leading expertise in Investment, Corporate and Energy Finance.
Collaborate with major investment and wealth management companies.

Study the MSc Finance at a university ranked 21st in the world.

Sample/ Email Campaign:

Our dedication to helping you realise your potential starts now.

That’s why we’re contacting you with information of our exclusive programme of personal consultations with a University of Edinburgh Business School Advisor.

Register now for instant support, info and advice in a number of areas including:

– Your career ambitions, and choosing the right course for you.
– Advice & guidance on scholarships/funding opportunities.
– Entry requirements, university application & visa support.
– Facilities, resources and methods of course delivery.
– In-depth information about course structure and forms of assessment.
– Study life in Edinburgh, and what to expect from a life in the nation’s capital.

We want to ensure that you find the Masters Degree to compliment your aspirations, and match your ambitions. Take advantage of our expertise and discuss your options informally – in person, via Skype or over the phone.

Register now.

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