Marketing Reveal

Marketing Reveal have set out to build an online learning academy, with the capacity to mentor and guide start-ups in all things business and marketing.

Brief 1:

Development of a tone of voice. One that was honest and straight talking. A voice to showcase the founder’s academic credentials and real-world experience. Infused with the passion for supporting others, it would be an authority on all things marketing with human vibrations.

Brief 2:

Build a bank of blog/ digital content with a focus on social media as a marketing tool.

Brief 3:

E-Learning Resources.

Marketing Reveal


Time – Energy – Money

Over thirty-plus years, I have enjoyed a diverse career. I have guarded the Queen of Great Britain, and smiled at the importance of being bitten by her own dogs. More than once. I have owned businesses that have failed and almost cost me everything, and in learning from that have been empowered to succeed. I have built businesses that have been very successful, and discovered that my mastering of business theory, is the thing that made the difference between failing and succeeding. I have taught Business and Marketing for a decade now, and have learned that my passion really does lie in empowering others. That is why I am determined to empower you and your business to success.

Most people can’t imagine the timeline of effort, struggle, financial stress and pressure – that comes from starting out with what might be a brilliant product, and turning it into a successful business that finds the customers it deserves. You can have a great product or business, but if you don’t know how to reach your target audience, and how to showcase it to them effectively, you will fail.

As a small, ambitious and determined business, three of the most valuable commodities you definitely struggle to possess are:

– Time.
– Energy.
– Money.

I know this truth, because I have been where you are now. More than once. I have been right where you are now, and I have failed more than once.

Through this blog, my website, and the Academy; I will give you the insight built from my successes and failures. I will give you my timeline, and my expertise that has been built along it. It will save and give you (yep, you guessed it):

– Time.
– Help you make efficient use of your Energy.
– Save Money.

More than anything, the teacher in me hopes all of these resources will inspire and energise you.


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