Low + Bonar

Low + Bonar engineer performance materials that help shape the world we live in. Their products can be found everywhere from architecture and infrastructure, to artificial sports surfaces and refugee shelters.

The Brief:

After going through a period of major change and acquisition, I was asked to produce a series of internal narrative concepts. The words had to encompass all that L+B did, have done and hope to do.

The copy aimed to amplify the history, core values, and impact that Low + Bonar have had to date. Verbalising one huge global engineering family – with a sense of shared, ambitious and sustainable destiny.

Sample/ Concept Internal Narratives:

Engineering Progress


Narrative 1:

The cutting edge? Low and Bonar don’t just exist at the cutting-edge. We engineer it. The future is in our heritage, and we’ve built it through collaboration and ingenuity since 1903. Ever since John Low and George Bonar first decided that Jute could do more, right up to the present day – our teams all over the world have been the custodians of that cutting edge. As a result, the world knows that when they work with our products, they extend life cycles, cut costs, and reduce the completion times of their projects.

Plymouth, England now knows that when they use our Durus fibres in barn construction, they save time and reduce their construction costs by 60%. They also discovered a reduction in their carbon footprint by 50%. One step at a time.

Together, we made sustainable construction perform better.

Narrative 2:

At Low + Bonar, we don’t just promote sustainability. We produce it. The proof is in the performance of our products. Through focussed teamwork, we continue to engineer that edge to be a more sustainable one. The cities of Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville and Manhattan New York know. When Low + Bonar’s EnkaDrain(c) or Xeroflor systems sit on their rooftops, they are saving grey-water by the gallon. 7,964,000 gallons annually, to be precise. In fact all across North America, residents who are owners our BonarYarn synthetic lawns – proudly save the country 9.5 billion litres of grey-water every year. North America knows that with Low + Bonar, smarter and more sustainable cities have already begun to spring. Nourished by our technology, their neighbourhoods are becoming more sustainable. One drop at a time.

Together, we made water management perform better.

Narrative 3:

From Victorian Britain to modern-day China. At Low + Bonar we have defined our success by the ability to bond the approaches of thinking responsibly, growing globally and acting locally. At our Asherville manufacturing site, 290 tons of waste materials are redirected towards re-use and recycling. Annually, we’re preventing 15 trailer-loads of waste from being placed in landfill, and making it perform again. Asherville knows that Low + Bonar can make industrial communities cleaner, greener, more efficient places. One trailer at a time.

Together, we made industrial waste management perform better.

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