Chirpy Flock

The Word Garden was brought on board by this hatchling retail company to input on developing the brand from scratch, and to provide a sample of product descrption and digital marketing copy as a foundation for verbalisation. Set to take flight in early 2019, I’m sure these Chirps will be no passing bird.

Brief 1:

Development of Brand, including name and tone of voice. The company sell decorative model birds, and developing the name ‘Chirpy Flock’ came from the positivity and quirk that the birds themselves bring when accessorising their surroundings. The newly christened Chirpy flock were keen to speak vibrantly, and with a voice as diverse as its bird population; from the flamboyant to the folkloric.

Brief 2:

I was then called upon to produce copy for product descriptions. I developed imaginary bird species and mythical behaviours for Chirpy Flock’s product samples.

Brief 3:

I was asked to supply a bank of marketing copy for social media, that would help to build brand personality at Chipy Flock.

Sample/ Product Descriptions:

A) The Twinkle Tern (Green Diva)

Twinkle Terns come in a variety of colours, flecked with a garnish of glinting glitter plume – The rarest of all Twinkle Terns being the Green Diva.
Like all Twinkle Terns, the Green Diva loves the limelight. Give it a perch by your favourite corner lamp, or even on the glowing bows of this year’s Christmas tree, and watch your Tern twinkle to impress. Like a cosmic disco on wings, this little Chirp will add fun, texture and mystique to any decor.

Distinctive Markings:
– A Plumage of flawless, shimmering deep green.
– Bejewelled flanks
– All-black eyes.
– A generous bouquet of wing and tail feather, tidal turquoise.
– 10cm from green beak to divaliscious tail.

B) The Autumn Finch

You will come to know the Autumn Finch as a comforting Chirp. When those long nights of summer begin to wane and the dying of the heat is close, invite it in. The Autumn Finch will be that glow in the corner of your bolt hole as the dark sets in. Think embers of fire, or the ambience of a soltice sunset. You will see and feel its warmth all season, wherever in the home you place it.


Distinctive Markings:

– Plumage can be unique and varied in each Chirp.

– Low-key and dusk-toned, with ember oranges and chocolate browns.

– All-black eyes.

– A subtle bird, reaching up to 6cm in length.


Sample/ Digital Marketing & Social Media Copy:


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