Finisterre  +  T h e  W o r d  G a r d e n 

  • A short story steeped in coastal folklore, or Seapoem to accompany the Sunday Broadcast.
  • Content that submerges your readers – as they dive into their brand, our shared community and your story.
  • Product descriptions that cross the currents of design, fabrics, ethos and desire.
  • Email template copy that captivates your target audience – provoking action and promoting sustainability.


I am aware that you are currently on the hunt for a full time in-house copy and content writer. Two years ago, I’d have swam from Tynemouth for that chance. In the present day – I’m not the one you’re after.


While you go through the due-diligence to secure an ace in-house wordhorse.


In the meantime – you have any pressing briefs, campaigns or odd-jobs that could do with the support of a writer.


If at any point in the future, you folks need an extra pair of ad-hoc hands on deck.


Are keen to be invoiced for my services, at a favourable rate that is B Corp-exclusive:

£250 per day – as opposed to my usual £350 day rate.


P l e a s e   ,  c o n s i d e r   T h e   W o r d   G a r d e n .


I currently divide my time between Newcastle and Edinburgh (your new George Street store is a thing of beauty). If you could do with a Pen in the North, I offer my own.

T H A T   S A I D

Almost all of my previous work has been sourced nationally and delivered remotely – via in-depth phone and skype calls, as well as Dropbox & .Docs .

Copywriting, sans CO2 .


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