What can a Word Gardener do for you?



I like to know your roots and love to write about them. Getting right into the soil of what you are, and why.

I build an understanding of what matters most to your audience, then verbalise the difference you make in their language. When writing that story, I focus on the need to engage, inspire and encourage meaningful action.


Brand Cultivation

They way you communicate to the world can help build an engaging and memorable brand.

I like to help the voice of your brand to find its throat, and keep it.

Purpose is powerful. Everything that grows, does so with purpose.

I can unearth and verbalise the core values and aims that shape your brand, cultivate your culture and connect with your audience.


Creative Campaigns

It is humbling to collaborate with passionate stakeholders in the development of a creative campaign, and rewarding to see it grow towards the light.
Whether it’s linking with your in-house marketing teams, or getting involved in briefs outsourced to external design agencies – I am very keen to contribute to as a creative copywriter.


Editing, Condensing & Proofreading

Missing one weed can be costly.
I welcome the responsibility of ensuring that your mail, content and internal communications are error-free, on-brand and purposeful.


Refresh & Update Existing Content

To promote new growth and vitality, your words may need sprucing up. I am happy to set time aside to do the necessary pruning and propagating.


Marketing & Sales Copy

Infuse the personality of your brand and the value you represent –  into your brochures, email campaigns and product descriptions.

Whatever challenges you help your audience to overcome can be articulated. I will verbalise your strengths, and make sure they understand the problems you solve – using words that resonate.

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Also bookable to rescue and cultivate your office plants. Free service.