Honey Trapping the Cyclops

A King ey? You know what I call little kings who find themselves on my Island?

No, but –

Little meals!

Not only are you as awesome in size as they say. I see that you are intelligent too, oh Mighty Cyclops.

Come closer tiny king, and fight if you must. They always taste better when they struggle a bit. Mmmm

Oh Endowed One, it seems you have never met a tiny king that has travelled as far as I have to meet you. You see, my coming here was no mistake. In my kingdom, we grow from babes hearing of the myth of the Great Cyclops. That eye of yours, that has observed and understood so much. We call it the Eye of the Gods. It is considered..

You talk a lot for a meal. Get to the point. When king snacks bore me, I start to flick their bones off one at a time.

My apologies, oh Colossus of the Cave. I am known to gab on a bit. What I was getting to, was that our culture considers being consumed by you, to be the most honourable route to an eternity amongst the Gods.

Well that is interesting. Looks like we are both having a good day, my little Ithacan sausage. Now, let me get my teeth into you.

Surely you’ll know, that people from my kingdom should be roasted before eaten? We are tough meat, you see.


I wouldn’t want my destiny to be uncomfortable for you.

But I can’t stand the sound of roasting kings!

You’ll not hear a peep from me. If you scream in death, you scream in eternity. The Gods won’t allow a constant screamer to live among them.

Can’t say I blame them, the sound is more painful than a bone in the throat.

Giant Lord, I would be honoured to light my own hair as you hold me in your magnificent fist.

Then we have a deal, tiny king. Grab that torch, and say hello to your gods for me. I’ll brunch on their bones someday too.

Scream for me Giant!


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